Luther Heroes in the heart of Germany

How Luther pulled his strings – the “network“ of the Reformation 

While no one can dispute Martin Luther's vital role as the "Father of. the Reformation", we would be remiss to overlook the many others whose support transformed this movement into a wave of change that engulfed the entire world. Luther's greatest friend and one true love, Katharina von Bora, shines as one of the leading female leaders of the Reformation.  

Martin Luther's path was also made smoother by the help and support of his friends, such as the great intellectual Philipp Melanchthon or George Spalatin, both man whose influence and skills proved indispensable to both the Reformation and to Luther personally. But travelling in Luthers footsteps also means to learn about the Cranach Family, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg or the great musician Johann Sebastian Bach.