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This accessibility statement applies to the websites of Thüringer Tourismus GmbH published at the following addresses: 


As a public body, we strive to make our websites and mobile applications accessible. The requirements of accessibility result from the Thuringian Act on Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications of Public Bodies (ThürBarrWebG) and the Thuringian Accessible Information Technology Ordinance (ThürBITVO). 

Status of compliance with the requirements  

The review of compliance with the requirements is based on a study conducted by "webit! Gesellschaft für neue Medien mbH" on 18.06.2021 using the BITV test (92 test steps with a 5-stage evaluation scheme). 
Based on the review, the websites are not or only partially compatible with the aforementioned requirements due to the following incompatibilities or exceptions.

Text alternatives

  • Alternatives for CAPTCHAs (test step
    • Image-based CAPTCHAs cannot be perceived by e.g. blind users.
      • Solution: Testing of a captcha alternative to the CMS's own solution by CMS developers.

Time-based media

  • Alternatives for audio files and silent videos (test step
    • A corresponding alternative is necessary for audio files and silent videos.
      • Solution: for new video productions, a descriptive text alternative is integrated.
  • Pause, stop, hide (test step
    • No possibility to switch off movements permanently
      • Solution: Programming a keyboard-operated function to generally switch off autoplay and repeat functions / CMS developer task



  • Heading structure for the integration of forms is not coherent [Form heading = H1 = system-dependent].
    • Solution: Request further development by CMS developers
  • HTML structural elements for lists (test step
    • Lists in forms not marked as lists
      • Solution: Check further development possibilities of the CMS elements by CMS developers.
  • Sensible/meaningful sequence (test step 
    • Possible solution: Further development / simultaneous use of ALT attribute and TITLE tag for linked images (teasers)



  • Usable without colours
    • Links in continuous text are not sufficiently highlighted.
  • Contrast of texts sufficient (test steps /
    • The contrast values of the fonts are partly below 4.5:1 (small font) or 3:1 (large font).
      • Solution: Possibility of changing the contrasts of the page to black and white / CMS developer task
  • Text can be scaled up to 200 %.
    • Scaling of text leads to overlapping of page elements. 
  • Contrast of graphics and graphic control elements sufficient
    • Graphics or graphic control elements must have a contrast of at least 3:1 to their surroundings. 
      • Solution: Possibility to change contrasts of the page to black and white / CMS developer task 

Accessible via keyboard


  • Usable without mouse
    • Keyboard operation in menu elements not in line with expectations (test step
      • Solution: combination of TAB and arrow key navigation to be tested by test group.
    • Keyboard operation in menu elements not conforming to expectations (test step
      • Solution: Have combination of TAB and arrow key navigation tested by test group.
    • Teasers and their elements cannot be accessed via keyboard (test step
      • Possible solution: Make the headline and the text in the teaser accessible via keyboard / CMS developer task

Sufficient time


  • Pause, stop, hide moving content (test step
    • No possibility to permanently switch off movements
      • Solution: Programming a keyboard-operated function to generally switch off autoplay and repeat functions / CMS developer task



  • Meaningful document titles
    • Document title does not always adequately describe the content of the pages
  • Current position of focus clear
    • Default browser focus disabled for many elements via CSS
  • Faded-in content when hovering or in focus (test step
    • Faded-in content often obscures other content, especially when zoomed in.
      • Solution: Programming a fade-out function for faded-in content (ESC) / CMS developer task
  • Fast skipping of iFrame content (test step
    • So that the iframes do not have to be run through completely, there should be a meaningful caption in the title attribute.
      • Possible solution: Possibility of assigning an ALT tag to iFRAME elements (video teaser) / CMS developer task



  • No unexpected context change when typing
    • Search results reload unannounced

Assistance with typing


  • Error detection
    • Form fields with missing/incorrect entries are only visually highlighted, but the error is not described - in progress -
  • Labels of form elements available
    • The labels of some form elements contain symbols that are not explained. - in progress -



  • Correct syntax - in progress -
    • HTML validation error (test step Syntax analysis):
      • incorrect nesting of elements 
      • Incorrect or wrongly named attributes
        • Solution: Checking of scripts by CMS developers
  • Name, role, value available - in progress - (test step
    • Self-created HTML elements that are not based on standard HTML elements must be implemented in such a way that they provide this semantic information.
    • Expandable elements in main navigation without extension by WAI-ARIA Widget Disclosure
      • Solution approach: Extension of main navigation elements by WAI-ARIA Widget Disclosure / CMS developer task
    • Carousel elements without WAI-ARIA aria-roledescription
      • Solution approach: Extension of slider elements by the WAI-ARIA widget carousel
  • Status messages available programmatically
    • The validation and error messages in the forms cannot be determined programmatically.

User-defined settings

  • User-defined settings for font size and colour are not adopted or lead to display problems.

Technical document check

  • PDF documents with structural mark-up problems
  • User-defined settings
    • User-defined settings for font size and colour are not applied or lead to display problems.

The elimination of these deficiencies is currently being planned and is to a large extent already in progress. As soon as there are improvements in terms of accessibility on our pages, they will be published here.

Barriers already removed

The following previously existing barriers have already been removed: 

  • Coherent sequence when using the keyboard
    • Coherent and comprehensible sequence for accessing links, form elements and objects when using the keyboard
  • Areas can be skipped
    • Inconsistent use of HTML elements and ARIA Document Landmarks (test step
  • Some control elements cannot be selected and/or activated with the keyboard.
  • User data input fields convey purpose (test step - solved -.
    • Forms contain input fields that do not convey the purpose in a language-independent way (e.g. first name, email address)
  • labelling of form elements can be determined programmatically (test step - solved -
    • not all form elements are linked to their labels by markup
  • Alternative texts for graphics and objects - under permanent revision -.
    • existing alternative texts often do not represent an equivalent to the image content or are missing completely
    • Test step Logos in the footer have no alternative text
      • solved: ALT attributes added
    • Complex graphics without textual alternative description
      • solved: ALT attribute "Summary of trademark rules" set; graphic content on page also shown textually
  • Alternative texts for control elements (test step  
    • Missing or insufficiently descriptive alternative texts in icons, control elements and function surfaces
      • solved: empty ALT attributes for certain control elements and functional areas were removed and these were provided with the link target by means of an aria-lable
    • Missing alternative text in the logo (header and footer)

Date of creation or last update of the declaration 
This statement was first issued on 21/09/2021 and last significantly updated on 29/08/2023.
Report barriers: Contacting us about accessibility issues. 

Would you like to report existing barriers in this website/mobile application or ask for information on how to implement accessibility? For your feedback as well as any further information, please contact our responsible contact persons. 

[ Report barriers ]

Enforcement procedure 

If no satisfactory solution has been found even after your feedback to the above contact, you can contact the enforcement body in Thuringia. The Enforcement Body is established at the Thuringian State Commissioner for People with Disabilities and has the task of supporting out-of-court dispute resolution in the event of conflicts on the subject of accessibility between people with disabilities and public bodies in Thuringia. The enforcement procedure is free of charge for you. There is no need to engage a legal advisor. For more information on the enforcement procedure and how to apply, go to:

You can contact the Enforcement Panel directly at