Welcome to Lutherland 


The historical Lutherland comprises the federal states of Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. Martin Luther is a child of this region in the heart of Germany. From here, his ideas travelled around the world and changed it forever. Castles, palaces and gardens and plenty of UNESCO World Heritage Sites await you in Lutherland. The cradle of Bauhaus, great poets and world-famous composers worked here. Discover Lutherland!


Is this Luther still relevant or rather a topic for the archives? 

Dusty, tiring, a closed case? We certainly don't think so! Somehow, Luther's legacy is part of all of us, whether we belong to a church or not. Without him, Bach's music might sound different, Cranach would perhaps be just one of many Renaissance painters and the German language as we know it today might not exist.

In Lutherland you can find the authentic places associated with the reformer’s life. In close-up format and embedded in historical town centres, extensive hiking regions and idyllic vineyards. There are ten UNESCO World Heritage Sites to discover here. Over 1,000 kilometres of hiking options in the Luther Trail network and traditional event highlights such as "Luther’s Wedding" in Wittenberg or the Bach Weeks in Thuringia.

Luther Highlights